omer netzer עומר נצרAbout Omer Netzer

Omer's second album will be released at November 2017 by the name "Sweet Mistake". A first single from the album is soon to be out, so be sure to stay tuned. In the new album, Omer continues the folk music style that was featured in the first album, but yet combines it with new styles, new personal stories and new experiences that he went through on the last two years.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist Omer Netzer, is without a doubt one of the unique and fascinating new young voices in Israeli music in the past year. The Blues flows from him in a pure and natural way.

Omer burst on the scene a year and a half ago with the song "ANGEL" which became an immediate radio and media hit. This was the climax of three years of performing all over the country, his talent and hard work earning him a loyal following who filled every venue- and this before his first song was aired on the radio.

Since the release of his debut album, "GOODBYE SONG", the radio has embraced Omer, and song after song is included in the playlist of "GALGALATZ" - the most popular radio channel in Israel. The debut album includes eight songs written and composed by Omer, whose guitar playing enhances his trademark throaty rock and blues. His followers fill every performance, singing along to Omer's unique voice.

With the release of the songs "ANGEL", "GOODBYE SONG" and "COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE" , Omer was sought out by the media, and his songs were warmly received on radio stations countrywide. Omer has cooperated with talented and well-known Israeli artists such as Geva Alon and Amir Lev. He participated in a memorial concert for Arik Einstein – perhaps the most esteemed Israeli singer of all time – together with the cream of Israeli performers. He also opened the concert of legendary guitarist Albert Lee.

This year, as well as his ongoing concerts in Israel, Omer was invited by the Israeli Embassy to perform in several events in Lithuania. He also performed in Berlin and in the mythological B.B. King Club in New York.